Wozniak's Conundrum: A steampunk PC modded off Apple's 1991 Mac [Video]

A full fledged personal computer in the Victorian era? Well, over the years artists, writers (and modders) have painstakingly tried to emulate that by-gone, quaint epoch where copper studded contraptions jingled with steam powered devices. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Steampunk, and this time modder Steve La Riccia has created that sublime fusion of fantastic art and elaborate machinery. Aptly christened as Wosniak's Conundrum, this steampunk based computer has it all to compete with its modern day brethren.

Steampunk computer mod
Steampunk computer mod

The main unit is based on Apple's 1991 Macintosh, but the keyboard is what baffles us. It is a 114 year old, venerable 1897 Standard Model 7 Remington Typewriter, which has been ingeniously wired to the system. The mouse has been created from a converted telegraphic machine, while the modder has incorporated an old fashioned 'steam generator' model on the left side.

The system includes a plethora of user components such as a special logic board, Wine based (a free software application for Windows that acts as a compatibility layer) 56K modem, hard drives and also floppy drives (remember it alludes to 19th Century!). The curved lever on the top section of the typewriter is an actual return key (used to move papers up) that can be used for sliding the monitor.

So, overall it is a fascinating piece of contraption that truly marries the high points of art, technology and creativity. Taking into consideration that the machine was the fruit of three months of labor, we give our heartfelt salute to the modder.

Steampunk computer modMade by Steve La Riccia

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