World's first commercial Brain-Computer Interface, the Intendix displayed

The sci-fi world realities are steadily making way into our lives from reel to real life. While we’ve seen concepts using only the power of the brain to input text, Guger Technologies has gone step beyond and have got the first commercial brain computer interface to exhibit at CeBIT 2010. Being commercialized strictly for patients suffering from locked-in syndrome and other communication-impairing conditions, the Intendix as the technique is called, opens doors for the first commercial BCI that’ll send us dumping our keyboards and mice.

first commercial brain computer interface
first commercial brain computer interface

Priced at $12,000 per unit, the Intendix has an easily usable interface which can be learnt in under 10 minutes of training. To use the Intendix, a cap with EEG sensors has to be worn by the patient. Then concentrating on a grid of letters that flashes on the screen the user can type the word he wants. Getting used to the system, the patients will be able to type 1 letter per second, the seed the interface can manage. There is a little video demo of the Intendix that you can see after the jump.

Via: SingularityHub/PopSci

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