How to make a woofer at home

After spending a fair deal of fortune on a good quality and branded speakers, it is not always possible to buy woofers to make your sound system complete. But unless and until you have a woofer you will never get the rich bass effect from the music you hear on your sound system. So, what can be the alternative? You have a speaker handy and wires. A little bit of electrical knowledge, some creativity and innovation will be required to make a woofer for your sound system at home. a rich and dignifies wooden structure of a professional woofer will be exactly what you have desired for, to make up your fully equipped sound system. Follow the instructions carefully and boast of your personalized sound system that has an oriental wooden texture too.


Difficulty level:


Resources required:

  • A piece of wood
  • Axe
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screw driver
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Speaker wire
  • Insulating tape

Step 1: Make the structure of your woofer box

Get hold of a wooden sheet. Arrange for a small axe that you will find convenient to use. Now cut five cut pieces of square blocks from the big sheet. The wooden pieces should be uniform squares in shape and measurement of all the pieces must be equal. Otherwise you will not be able to set them together properly. Now, place one of the pieces on a flat surface. Right from one of its edge, place another piece in such a way that they are perpendicular to each other. Now, fix the two pieces by nailing them together with a hammer. Repeat the similar process and affix the remaining three pieces on the other three ends of the flat piece. At the end of this stage you will get a box structure with one side open.

Step 2: Make holes in the structure

Make holes at equal gaps of one inch on all the sides of the wooden box. These holes will help air to pass freely from within along with sound too. Thus, when the speaker will function there will not be any unnecessary vibration inside. Take another wooden square of similar measurement and make a large hole at the center of it. This is the hole where you will mount the speaker. Make small holes in this piece too, leaving one inch gap from the big hole.

Step 3: Create the wiring

Insert the wire of your speaker from the big hole of the wooden piece, loop it around inside and pass it through one of the smaller holes at the back side of the wooden box you have made. This is the connecting wire between your speaker and the woofer.

Step 4: Fix up all the sides of the woofer

Once the wire insertion is complete, attach the wooden piece with the big hole with the already made woofer box. Now, your box will get a complete structure. But, in the process be careful that the wiring you made remains secured. Otherwise it will be difficult to set the wires properly once the box is finally nailed and closed.

Step 5: Mount the speaker of the woofer

When the woofer box is ready and the wiring is complete, mount the speaker into the big hole you have made in the wooden piece at front for the purpose. In the process make sure that you do not mount it unevenly. So, set the alignment first and then finally push the speaker gently into the hole. Once set perfectly, use a screwdriver to secure it in place with the help of the screws provided. Ensure that the speaker gets mounted in the hole firmly and does not move at all.

Step 6: Finally set the woofer

When you are through with the other steps, your final step in the project will be to set the connection of the woofer with your sound system. Insulate the small portion of the wiring that hangs out of the woofer of your stereo system, which becomes your output port now. The wooden enclosure of your speaker will give you an elegant effect as you play your sound system.

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