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The app

TV Shows Stream could be very helpful when a person wishes to see his favorite TV show at anytime of the day on his/her Android phone. As the 4G data connections that posses a very high speed are getting popular, people are willingly switching to Android phones as well as Android based tablets. TV Shows Stream is a dream come true for any TV and movie watcher. It comes up with the benefit of watching any TV show or movie on your own Android phone. The app is hassle free as it does not go through the downloading process. It directs the videos displayed on sites like YouTube without hosting them.

tv show stream android app
tv show stream android app


The app provider:

Android Vision

Supported devices and operating environment:

TV Shows Stream TV supports Android version 2.2 and higher, supports App2SD.

TV Shows Stream supports Android 2.2 or later with Flash Player 10.1 already installed so if you don’t already have it, get it from the Android Market.

Downloadable options

TV Shows Stream comprises of two versions:-

Version 1 - A free lite version providing access to a fixed number of TV shows. Fully functional but is accessible to only 10 shows which are pre-selected.

Version 2 - A full paid version providing access to a hundreds of TV shows. One can add more shows if required.

Download TV Shows Stream from App Brain


Scan the QR code given below from your Android phone

tv show stream android app qr code
tv show stream android app qr code

What it misses

• While this app is significantly stable compared to Droid Streamer that we featured last month, it may still have some annoyances and unlike Droid Streamer, it does not offer movies

• The problem is the tiny controls you have

• The application is presently in beta stage and you might experience some issues at times, including some missing or non-working movies / TV shows

• This works only with the availability of a Wi-Fi connection.

tv show stream android app
tv show stream android app

What others are saying

Android community says

Your skills as an Android developer in the mobile space can now translate directly to the consumer electronics and IPTV space. We want to help popularize the idea that Android isn’t simply for smart phones and give developers the opportunity to create great things.

Solid blogger says

Android Vision TV is gaining popularity in the place where high speed 4G data connections are becoming more and more widespread and used by many Android users.

Appbrain says

Watch your favorite TV Series straight from you android device! Always up to date with the most popular shows in Android Vision TV.

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