Wasp Knife injects compressed gas to fatally freeze victim's organs

If the rising knife-crime in London wasn't nightmarish enough, a new weapon from America is expected to enter the UK very soon and the police have been instructed to stay on alert. The 'Wasp Knife' injects a ball of compressed gas, which inflates once in the body and freezes internal organs. At the push of a button, the needle in the tip of the blade injects compressed gas, which inflates to the size of a basketball. Manufacturers of the Wasp Knife claim that the largest predators like bears and sharks could be killed instantly. The knife seems to work underwater and on land, and once the compressed gas inflates it freezes tissues and organs in the surrounding area and cause death.

wasp knife 3vQyS 5965
wasp knife 3vQyS 5965

Via: DailyMail

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