Wannabe Bond builds himself a fire-throwing scooter

We often set the road on fire by speeding at maximum speeds our speedometer can record. But for Colin Fruze, that’s just not enough - so he’s developed a scooter to set the road on fire quite literally. The 30-year-old Lincolnshire resident has fixed his Moped with a rear-facing flamethrower that with a press of a button on the scooter’s handlebar fires flames up to 12 feet away. Initially tried successfully on a BMX bike, Colin has now got his scooter to breathe-out flames at cars on the road, the joy he gets in doing so; well it’s not enough for us to explain in words. For all safety reason as you may be thinking this fire-breathing monster isn’t legal for the roads, so you can breathe a sigh and fearless drive your car on Lincolnshire roads.

flame throwing scooter 1 enixj 3868
flame throwing scooter 1 enixj 3868

flame throwing scooter vdqpf 3868
flame throwing scooter vdqpf 3868

Via: DailyMail/AutoMotto

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