Walking chair – Beast or a Bot? Design exemplified!

When two geniuses combine for a task, the result is beyond comparison. But the scenario ain’t same all the time, then defying the ordinary is what the designers aspire to do. When designer, Karl Emilio Pircher and designer Fidel Peugeot united over a venture, it was evident that something out of the box was in the making. Still, none in the weirdest of thoughts, believed it to be what eventually came about – a walking chair. Before chairs started to walk, men have been walking on the moon, yet for a chair to walk – it really took time for me to seize with the fact, when I first came about it. The marvelous creation at Walking Things, is fabricated out of chrome plated steel tubes, plastic, and houses an electronic heart, where the caller would park his unseen [no pun intended]. The seating on the move is a li’l too expensive (EUR 15, 000) for me to try, but perhaps you could have a try, as the chair is available in stock.

walking chair
walking chair

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