Voice-activated robot follows voice commands to choose your next bite

Robots are no longer meant for playing only. The extensive robotics technology have advanced their mechanism to such an extent that they can perform every task effortlessly without much human interference. Now, robots can feed you your desired dish is true in this arena. Nowadays such advanced robots are designed that follow your voice commands to pick up food from the plate.

voice activated robot
voice activated robot

Japanese company Secom has been marketing the My Spoon robot for the last five years, which aids in eating by simply pressing buttons to select particular food from the plate to feed. But recently, Isao Wakabayashi, an undergraduate from Chukyo University, Japan, has designed an amazing robot which could assist in eating by simply following the voice commands. Wakabayashi has installed advanced image processing software inside the robot which enables it to recognize and level meal items served on the plate, and it would follow the user’s voice command to pick up the desired dish from the plate.

It is particularly a very good meal assistance aid for those who are unable to feed themselves due to some kind of physical disability.

Via: IEEE Spectrum

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