Vision Research unveils an ultra-high-speed Phantom v-Series v1610 camera

Vision Research has added a versatile video camera branded v1610, into its Phantom v-Series family. The new ultra-speed camera will be a big advantage for scientists, engineers and researchers, who want to take high-resolution snaps, the company says. The Phantom v1610 camera is capable of capturing 650,000 frames-per-second (fps) at a low resolution of 128 x 16. With its actual resolution of 1280 x 800, the camera can capture up to 16,000 fps. Along with the company’s unique FAST option, the v1610camera can astonishingly capture one million fps at 128 x 16.

Phantom v1610
Phantom v1610

Vision Research has custom-designed the new Phantom camera for several high-end video recording requirements. The camera’s advanced sensor has 28 micro pixels, which will ensure huge light-sensitivity for ultra-high-speed image capturing. Thanks to its standard 12-bit depth per pixel (dpi), the camera will realize great image quality also.

Phantom v1610 sports a host of essential signal connections on its back panel. The connections - dual power inputs, two DH-SDI ports, trigger, frame synchronization and timecode – are positioned in a way that users can easily manage them while shooting. The camera comes with a number of high-speed memory options such as 24GB, 48GB or 96GB. The camera will be available in both monochrome and color in the market.

Phantom v1610
Phantom v1610

The Vision Research’s Phantom CineMag HD is bundled with the camera, which needs 3.5GB of memory for each second of shooting. The CineMag HD at 1920 x 1080 speed and 14-bits-per-pixel can store large amounts of data in a short time. Phantom CineStation, a PC connectivity solution for high-speed data transferring is another key accessory of the v1610 camera.

A 30-meter Ethernet cable with fisher connector and a Phantom remote control unit are two other notable accessories that come bundled with the camera. The remote control unit’s LED display will show you what the camera shoots. You can control the entire functioning of the device with the remote controller.

Via: Wired

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