US military tests Plasma Knife, sci-fi weapon as life-saving device

Medical assistance to troops in war-torn areas has been of the best possible quality, but still there are those bold soldiers who guard the remote areas without the luxury of medical backup. In an effort to be of some assistance there, the military has started field-testing modern equipment plucked out of the sci-fi world – a Plasma Knife to aid such soldiers in cases of blood loss from traumatic wounds.

plasma knife
plasma knife

The Plasma Knife is somewhat like those lightsabers we’ve seen in Star Wars, designed for a medical purpose more than to be a weapon. The Plasma Knife cuts through flesh with a “blade” of glowing ionized gas and also cauterizes the wound. Sealing up the torn flesh in a jiffy, and also to perfection, the Plasma Knife stops the bleeding thus also guarding the soldier against infection, keeping him stable before he can be delivered to the medics in a safer zone.

Via: DangerRoom/PopSci

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