Tutorial: How to dual boot your iPhone with Android OS

Last week the hottest Apple related story was porting over of Android OS onto the iPhone. The sources on how to perform this hack were made available by the author, but the detailed manual on porting-over of Android OS onto the iPhone was redundant. So for those who want to have a detailed guide on how to dual-boot Android 1.6 with iPhone OS on iPhone 2G; follow the given below, five stage tutorial. This tutorial will guide you on how to setup VirtualBox, Ubuntu and getting Android 1.6 working on your iPhone.

iphone hacked with android os
iphone hacked with android os

CAUTIONARY NOTE: This guide is for illustration purpose and should be followed carefully. I’m in no way responsible if your iPhone(s) get bricked, locked or sustains any firmware damage due to carelessness on your part.

IMPORTANT: If you are get stuck at some step during this tutorial and encounter any problem(s) on what to do next refer to the video given at the end of this detailed guide.

# Essential downloads for this hack

• Download the iPhone 2G jailbreaking guide if you haven’t already unlocked your iPhone.

VirtualBox version for Windows/Mac OS.

Download Android images and sources.

iPhone Explorer for Windows/Mac, and if you are using Linux use FileZilla (recommended) instead.

• VirtualBox Ubuntu Image, Download number 10, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 codename Karmic Koalax86.

• Also download these patched Images.


# Getting the hack underway

• Open your Task Manager, kill the iTunes Helper process and then install the iPhone Explorer application downloaded earlier.

• Connect your iPhone to your PC and run iPhone Explorer.

• In the application interface click on ‘Change Root’ button and select the ‘/’ Real iPhone Root Directory. Now, browse to private/var.

• To the var directory, copy ramdisk.img , userdata.img, cache.img and zImage from Downloads#5 (Android images and sources).


# Configure the Virtual Box settings

• Install and run VirtualBox. Then go to File->Virtual Media Manager and select Hard Disks.

• Click on Add, then browse & select the ubuntu-9.10.vdi file (download#3).

• Close the Virtual Media Manager and go to Machine->New->Next and here under ‘Name’ enter ‘Ubuntu’.

• Select Linux Operating System->Ubuntu version and click Next. Select the amount of RAM to be default.

• The select the ‘Use existing hard disk’-> ubuntu-9.10.vdi, click Next and then finish.

• Select that new machine to start up Ubuntu and when prompted for login, enter ‘reverse’.


# Configuring Ubuntu settings

• Click on System (top bar) - > Administration- > Synaptic Package Manager and enter the password ‘reverse’.

• Now type libusb-1.0 in quicksearch box, click on the checkbox next to it and select ‘Mark for installation’.

• Apply the changes and close the Package Manager.

• Then open Firefox browser (in Ubuntu) and download openiboot installer by clicking this link.

• Click on Places->Downloads, then right-click openiboot.zip->Extract Here.

• Thereafter click on Applications->Accessories->Terminal, and then type-in cd Downloads/openiBoot.

• After that restart your iPhone in Recovery Mode. To do this power off the phone then hold down Home button, and connect the USB cable.


# Preparing the Android

• In VirtualBox go to Ubuntu-> Devices- > USB Devices, select iPhone (Recovery Mode) and

in the terminal type sudo su with the password as reverse.

• Then in the terminal type ./loadibec openiboot.img3,you’ll see the OpeniBoot screen appear on your iPhone.

• Hold down the power button for couple of seconds on you iPhone.

• This selects the bottom option, openiboot console. Then press Home on iPhone, and a bunch of text appear and stop at ‘Welcome to openiboot’.

• After that in the VirtualBox go to the Ubuntu Window-> Devices > USB Devices and select iPhone (OpeniBoot Mode).

• In terminal type su ./oibc with the password reverse and if this doesn’t work just type-in ‘./oibc’.

You’ll see the same text from the iPhone in the Terminal.here type-in ‘nor_read 0×09000000 0×0 1048576′ and press Enter.

• Wait for it to say Done and then type-in ‘~norbackup.dump:1048576′, which creates a backup of your NOR memory – save a copy on USB stick, or email it to yourself.

• Type install, press Enter. When this is done you’ve got openiboot installed on your iPhone.


# Finally the Android booting on your iPhone

• If you still have Terminal open with the oibc still running, just type ‘reboot’, press Enter and skip to next step. Otherwise disconnect your phone, turn it off and back on.

• When openiboot appears press Power button to switch to openiboot console (bottom option)

and hold down the ‘Home’ button. That’s it Android will start to boot although it may take a while so be patient.


# Installing Android on iPhone video referral guide for advanced troubleshooting

You can refer to this video demonstration in case you get stuck on something important.

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