Transportation’s ‘Evolution’!

“Universal” is an understatement for this mode of transportation. It is more in sync with fantasy than reality. What is being referred to is ‘Evolution.’ A mode of transport that is equally at ease on land, in water, or for that matter in air! Created by Alexander Begak, a Russian designer and inventor, Evolution is unlike you might have ever seen. It makes hovercrafts look like a child’s play. Here’s his description of the amazing vehicle:


This is a universal kind of transportation. It can fly at the height of 4,000 meters above the ground and cover the distance of up to 400 kilometers without additional refueling.

Made-up of ultra light coal-plastic and kelvar fibers, and weighing in at a mere 60 kg, Evolution is easily transported. This does not mean that it is a flimsy arrangement. It boasts of a hull that is made of ultra-strong material. The engine is a solid 30 HP, capable of reaching speeds up to 160 kmph in air and 80 kmph on land.

Begak unveiled his creation at recently concluded MAKS-2007 in Russia. It is amazingly cool when it comes to the safety of the driver. In air emergencies, it boasts of a parachute system that softens gliding down. In water emergencies, there’s an equally capable inflatable device that won’t let it drown.

It has taken over two years to develop this project and all the Russian powerhouses viz. Roskosmos, Sukhoi and Moscow Aviation Institute, have had a part in its manufacture.

It should be quite obvious that strategic defense is the raison d'être for this ultra-light carrier. This does not mean that Evolution is useless when it comes to civilian use. It can be used for border patrol, conducting photography from air and mapping.

All those 007 flicks left everyone in awe with those super-cool vehicles. Now we know something in real life comes as close.


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