How to track an IP address from Facebook

There are so many people who could be scratching their heads, wondering how to track someone's IP address? Is it possible to know the other person's address without letting him know? Well all computer nerds will be very glad to know that now this has become possible. You can easily check somebody else's computer address. The biggest advantage of this will be for those who are victims of spam and unwelcome comments on their Facebook profiles or during some chat. Social networking do have some unpleasant episodes, and it is increasingly becoming common theses days. People send friend requests and once you have accepted it, they can create trouble.

Facebook IP tracking
Facebook IP tracking

This article has been written with exactly this in mind. Now with the help of this article you will be able to learn the easy way to crack the secret of spammers and mischief makers. The process is quite easy and any person with the basic knowledge of computers can do it. Though it is intimidating, it is quite easy. Many think that they don't have enough knowledge of computers and so can't hack an IP address. But this is not so. Actually the whole system of computer networks over the internet works on the basic addressing system, known as the IP addressing system.

This address is just like your home address. It is unique all over the world. It means the IP of one computer will not be the same as that of any other computer system in the whole network. And just like the home address system, where if you know someone's address you may very easily go to his or her home, similarly if you know someone's IP address you can easily reach his or her computer system. Isn't it quite interesting?

This technology is used by police and other investigating agencies across the globe to track criminals. You just need to follow the following east steps and once you do as stated below, you would definitely know who is irritating you over the net.

1. Clear all your cache and also close all the windows except the one with Facebook.

2. Open your Command prompt (DOS). This could be found in programs>accessories or Run>cmd.

3. Once the cmd is opened, type the command

netstat -an and hit enter. It will show you the list of all IPs communicating with your computer system.

4. Now record all IPs from the list, especially the ones that appear suspicious.

5. Then in the end start tracing the suspicious IPs. This could be done very easily with the help of various sites available these days. You can also search for some over Google. For the time being you may also use It will show you the location, ISP and all other relevant details of the particular IP address. You may also zoom the location map available there and can have the exact knowledge of it.

There are various other commands too that you may search over the Internet. You may go in for any command of your choice. But the above mentioned commands are the best and so you are recommended to use it.

So, now you will be able to easily guess who is teasing you over Facebook chat. Even chat over other small chat servers may be known with this method.

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