Toyota’s real time Brainwave Control maneuvers wheelchairs by thought

We mentioned the robotic wheelchair by MIT, and then about the thought controlled wheelchair from the creative minds at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. And now it is researchers from Japan that have mustered a new invention in the Brain-Machine Interface, which is a process to tame brainwaves to control a wheelchair in real time. By analyzing brain waves and using signal processing technology, the system processes brain thought patterns every 125 milliseconds for left, right turns and forward motion of the wheelchair.

brain wave control
brain wave control

Given the quick processing speeds of thought into viable actions, this system developed BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center backs itself to be a worth technological breakthrough for the elderly, handicapped and the paralyzed. The system measuring brain’s electrical activity, in real time displays on a screen the data collected from brain waves giving the driver a neuro-feedback for effective operation.

With about 95% accuracy of the system in analyzing thought patterns and then implementing them into action, the researchers believe the technology can be used in rehabilitation and to provide physical and psychological support to the wheelchair users.

Via: PressRelease

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