Tough ride for a robotic future – Spider Machine!

Envision a future where robots rule the roost (not that difficult if you’ve watched a bit of sci-fi crap)! One thing’s for sure, these mechanic beings will inevitably turn on their masters and when that happens you don’t want to be roaming around in your flimsy vehicles. What you need is this: ‘a’ no ‘the Mechanical Spider!’ Its creator calls it the ‘Mechanical Beast.’ Either way, the machine is downright jaw-dropping stuff! The eight legged machine is currently under last phase of its construction and when it will be ready, it’ll weigh a staggering 12,000 lbs (for our metric brethren that is approx 6 tons)! It stands at 11 feet and measures over 8 feet in width. Capable of transporting 8 people including driver on its 23 feet long body, the mechanical spider is a marvel of engineering capabilities. And the machine has a single stride that extends to about 5 feet.

walking beast
walking beast

As far as the technicalities of this baby go, the vehicle is powered by:

454 cubic inch chevy V-8 married to a modified TH400 trans coupled to two klune extreme under drive planetary gear boxes, uses a rockwell 2 1/2 ton military axle to supply power to the leg crank shafts, The final drive ratio is 125:1.

If you figure that out then get back immediately. Anyway the “MOLTENSTEELMAN” (Yep, the creator has a wicked name too.) is working on the bugs and will not tell the speed at which this monolith will travel. Passengers’ get to their seats by riding on an elevator installed on the machine. As already said the Monster promises a wicked ride and hopefully will fend off those robotic lasers too. Am I getting overly paranoid? Maybe I am but then maybe not. Gallery and video after jump.

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