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Time to give photoshop the boot and get your very own digital canvas. Now, you can paint digitally, with your own hands, fingers rather and easily sync it with your PC. Very cool huh? Yes, it definitely is. Usher in the brand new Palette-Digital Artist, unveiled at the Next-Gen PC design competition. Painting with the mouse and the computer screen just doesn't give artists the vital feel and the physical touch for creating that perfect painting. So the Palette Digital Artist aims to do just that with a touchscreen, that lets you actually sketch on it with a range of digital pens in different sizes. And to add color to make your paintings come to life, you just need to use the digital pens like a paintbrush with a tremendous range of digital high definition colors the PDA offers. To make it more like canvas than a digital art device, the PDA also has wood finished sides and flanges which gives you the feel of the good old Easel and the texture in the digital screen very closely simulates the texture of real canvas making it a great painting experience.

palette digital artist
palette digital artist

The good things just don't seem to end with the Palette also featuring a disc player, USB connect and a wireless module to connect to wireless networks. You can even take the P.D.A outdoors to your garden and paint the countryside as it can run on rechargeable batteries in addition to AC power. That is one very handy paint device, an absolute must have for the digital age artists.

Source: Next Gen PC Design

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