Third Eye pinhole camera offers a 'view of death'

The Third Eye further establishes the “dark” credentials of Wayne Martin Bleger. His uncanny usage of human organs and bone, along with other common materials like metals and precious stones to make pinhole cameras are visible in this new creation. The skull of a 13-year-old girl forms the camera structure, while the empty ocular cavity plays the role of the lens. The image captured, like the theme itself, is eerie-hued and reminds you of ghoul stories featured on television.

3rdeye quarter CTXqI 3342
3rdeye quarter CTXqI 3342

What’s Innovative: The Third Eye pinhole camera isn’t a regular plastic contraption. Making use of a 150-year-old skull as the camera structure is not just innovative, but unbelievably creative.

Watch This: If you can peep through a skull and see death’s pale visage staring back at you, rest assured excitement will not be the instant feeling. We feel spooked by the blurry, sepia-toned photo theme, but have decided to act a little brave and approach Wayne for a demo.

3rd eye photo01 5KbBz 3342
3rd eye photo01 5KbBz 3342

Designer: Wayne Martin Bleger is making a name for himself by creating pinhole cameras with a weird assortment of unthinkable materials. The Third Eye justifies this fact.

Source: Ectomo

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