The world’s biggest alarm clock jolts you out of bed!

Sleeping dead drunk on a Sunday night, it’s an impossible task to wake up these morons sitting right behind me on a fresh Monday morning. The best of the alarm clocks fail, and even humans have to give up. There are many out there reading this, I know, who share the same endless sleeps. An earthquake in town could be an option to jolt some out of bed, but because it cannot be a manmade affair and jeopardizing innocent lives is another factor, we must avoid it. Thus, this innovative alarm clock that has the potential to wake the dead up could be the only solution for such sleepoholics.

The world’s biggest alarm clock! It is computer controlled and powered by an air compressor. A large air cylinder is attached to the bed, and when it's time to wake up, the pressure shakes it so hard that it would even bring the dead back to life. Really, it’s that effective. Well, it can even come handy while …hmm!

Via: CoolBuzz

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