The Wooden Menace - A homemade robot

It may be a breakthrough in prothesis or may be a simple wooden servant, whatever it may be, what it is for sure is interesting! This project of creating a wooden human arm is authored by Chris and can be finished in 25 hours. With a PIC Microcontroller, Buttons and Servo Control, this arm is no more a piece of fiction but in fact a reality possible with your own hands and is referred to as The Wooden Menace.

robot arm
robot arm

All the engineers or people with a technical bent of mind should consider this a real challenge! This human arm has grippers at the extremity to facilitate grasping objects. A simple design with as few moving parts as possible is important for this design because the arm will only be controlled by a PIC 18F452.

What is possibly the best part of it all is that it can by synthesized with cheap household items except of course, the servos. It costs less than $60 to make and the length of the arm can be increased with a 9V source, the control can be both autonomous or remote. The demerits on the other hand are no less, the movements are rapid and there is paucity of mechanical stability, also, the gripper strength is capped.

In conclusion, it can make an interesting project for it has utility in terms of moving objects back and forth, the basic purpose of having limbs! For the ones who have never been able to forget Vicky the Robot from The Small Wonder, this is your chance to at least have a part of it!

Via: Pyroelectro

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