The Vie - a GPS enabled glove for your safety!

Life is indeed precious and we do everything to create a safe society and environment. Even with hi-tech security systems, the fact however remains the same, we are still vulnerable to both health hazards and external antisocial elements. We do need a helping hand at such exposures, and we do have a hand to help us now. The product in discussion here is called a Vie, pronounced as ‘vee’. Mr. Du Tran Nguyen for the Monash University has designed this amazing product and also enrolled it for the Australian Design Award. Before going into the complexities, it is a glove with a single-handed control that works as an interface between you and your safety. You just need to move your fingers up and down to operate it. You can check the actions in E-ink screen corresponding to your finger movement. The miniature motors let you feel that you have actually touched a button and the OLEDs let you see the actions you have performed.


The ergonomically designed Vie also works as you personal guide and trainer, taking care of you when you go jogging or trekking. It is made for all weather use and is made of windproof, waterproof and breath-easy fabric along with injection moulded EVA housing. It is easier to use even when you are engaged in sports other than jogging or walking.

Enabled with GPS technology, the Vie not only helps you to plan out your walking or jogging activities in advance and helps you to keep alternate walking plans ready but also sends out SOS messages when you need emergency help. It vibrating alerts makes you aware of your walking plans, such as running faster or slowing yourself down by monitoring you. Its Bluetooth lets you to make a community and exchanges details about each other’s plans, health status and safety measures etc. It works as your organizer also and reminds you of your meeting friends and fellow joggers, allowing you to add friends to your list.

The Vie is nothing less than a miracle when you need help. As its name suggests it is synonym of life.

Source: DesignAwards

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