Temperature Sweater is not so cool, or even hot for that matter!

Garments accommodating small chips or devices have been around for quite some time. So it wasn’t all that bizarre to come across the Temperature Sweater that fits two LED screens, one on each sleeve. These screens update you about the external temperature in both scales of Fahrenheit and Celsius. I first guessed that the sweater would probably tell the user about his body temperature and then judge whether he is Cool, Hot or just Average for that matter.

tsweatermain tLtVo 18562
tsweatermain tLtVo 18562

Pricing and Availability:

The Temperature Sweater is expected to be available in another 2-3 weeks but the price is not out as of now. The makers are not shipping this fleece sweater beyond the limits of the USA and Canada.

Watch This:

We don’t think you need a sweater to inform you about the temperature outside. We have better gadgets to do this even before we feel the need of putting a sweater and move out.

Word around the Web:

Jeff from CraziestGadgets says:

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Now you can know for sure because the Temperature Sweater gives you the temperature right on it’s sleeves.

Random Good stuff says:

But don’t complain when everyone starts asking you how cold or hot it is. Hmmm... green - another reason why the wearer can get mistaken to be a weather.

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