The ‘iPad Wall’ offers a wide range of possibilities to the geeks

Combining a number of iPads in a huge wall, the ClarkeHopkinsClarke, a Melbourne-based architectural firm, has popped up a replica of an “iPad Wall” that lets the users browse books or promotional information on interactive scenes. Ideal for public places, such as libraries or information centers, the wall integrates the features of the iPad and customizable applications, offering a wide range of possibilities to the users.

ipad wall
ipad wall

Presenting revolutionary technology, it not only allows you to change wallpaper pattern & video, but also works in tandem with different screens to form a life-sized panel for digital graffiti or numerous other interactive tasks. Moreover, the iPads costs much less ($499) in comparison to regular LCD televisions, slashing the production cost in a huge way.

Via: Itechreport

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