G2 Portable Fuel Cell Power Source joins the green party

Fuel cells which have for long been touted as a clean alternative source of power for our mobile devices are finally seeing commercial reality. One of the first movers in this regard is Angstrom Technology's G2 Portable Fuel Cell Power Source. This little portable charging device has eight Angstrom V60 fuel cell modules which deliver two watts of power. To charge your mobile phone or digital camera, you simply need to plug it in via the USB port of the G2. The charger's on-board hydrogen will last for a few charges before it runs out of juice. Once that happens, you need to refill the hydrogen cartridge through the Angstrom P2 portable refilling cartridge or alternatively through the Angstrom R1 refilling station. This somewhat makes the G2's portability pretty limited as you always need to have access to a refilling source to keep it up and running. That said, if Angstrom manages to come up with an on-board miniature hydrogen generation system on the G2, the G2 Portable Fuel Cell Power Source will become a very practical ultraportable charging solution.

g2 portable fuel cell 4BMfE 54
g2 portable fuel cell 4BMfE 54

Via: AngstromPower

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