The Bowlingual dog bark translator

Here is yet another weird gadget from Japan developed by Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, known as the Bowlingual dog bark translator. The Bowlingual, as the name suggest, simply compares dog bark with around 5000 sample voiceprints and interpret what exactly your dog is trying to convey.


According to Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, dog barks fell into 6 distinct patterns, including sad, frustrated, alert to danger, needy, happy and self-assertive and the Bowlingual, pre-programmed with 200 different breeds and even cross breeds, impeccably construe the bark which in turn is displayed on the LCD screen.

Although dog lovers know the nerves of their furry friends, but anyhow, for $50, the Bowlingual can be a fun-packed gadget.

Via: Freshtrend

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