TDVisor - Multipurpose, true 3D stereoscopic display

Stereoscopic displays have caught everyone's attention lately. TDVision Systems has a new multipurpose stereoscopic consumer device in their product line-up that works for stereo 3D movies, games, and visualization in high definition. Dubbed TDVisor, the new device touts an equivalent diagonal screen size of 110 inches at 10 feet of distance as well as 1280x720p resolution.


It is easily connected to a standard PC and when connected with the company's TDVSuite of applications and SDKs, TDVisor makes you feel like you are into the real action. For now, the device is compatible with 3D video games for the PC and 3D movies but they are claiming it make it compatible with the Video Game consoles too in the very near future (it could have been great if it was already there).

Currently, two models are being offered, with the lower-end boasting resolution of 800x600 while the high-end model touts 1024x768 and 1280x720p resolutions. Being lightweight, they are ideal for mobile imaging applications.

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