How to sync Wii remote

A remote allows you to communicate with a console without actually being in contact with it. Thus, you are provided with the flexibility to operate a console from any place. However, before you can actually operate a console, you need to synchronize the Wii remote to the Wii console so that the remote may communicate with that. The Wii remote included in the system that comes from the factory, is already synchronized with the console, therefore in this case you need not to do anything. But, if you have purchased a new remote then you need to synchronize it with the console before you can use them as controllers. Synchronizing a Wii remote to a Wii console is something that you must know because you will be facing such situations often. Also, this is not a complicated task and no technical expertise is required at all. Just follow the steps given below which will guide you through the entire synchronization process.

Complexity level: Basic

Time required: 5-6 minutes

Resources required:

  1. Wii remote
  2. Wii console
  3. Batteries (in case they are missing)


1. Check the batteries:

Check the batteries of your remote. If there are no batteries then place spare batteries at the battery terminal. Also, it may happen that the batteries may have exhausted, so you may even need to replace them with sound ones.

2. Open the front of the Wii console:

Look at the front of the Wii console, you will observe a little white door there. You have to open it, if you are facing problem in opening it then use your fingernails for this. Once that door has been opened, you'll observe a small red rectangular button there.

3. Open the battery compartment of the remote:

Now you get to open the battery compartment of your controller. For this purpose, you have to remove the rubber jacket which holds the cover at its place. After the battery compartment has been opened, you'll notice a little round button there.

4. Synchronize the remote:

  • Once you are done with all the above arrangements, the actual synchronizing process starts.
  • You'll have to press and hold that small red rectangular button at the front of the Wii console and the small red button in the battery compartment of the remote, simultaneously (at the same time) for at least 2 seconds.
  • There are 4 blue lights at the front of the controller, which will start blinking. These light will blink several times before eventually stopping.
  • However, one of these four lights will remain on. The light which remains on, will tell you which number Wii remote you have with you.
  • The extreme left light stands for number one, the one in the immediate right to it is for number two and so on.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What does the Sync button do?

The primary function of the Sync button is to synchronize the wireless peripherals like the Wii remote to your system, such as Xbox 360.

2. Which audio/video/image formats are compatible with the Wii?

According to the manual of the Wii, it supports MP3 audios, JPEG movies and JPEG images. You can even test your Wii for these formats and it's almost sure that it will support these formats but the real problem is that it does not support any other formats. Literally speaking, other image formats such as PSD, GIF, BMP, PNG and BSD, audio formats such as AAC lossless, WMA lossless, AAc, OGG, WMA, WAV, AIF and FLAC, and video formats like WMA, XviD and H.264 are not compatible with the Wii.

Quick tips:

  • If you are using your remote somewhere else, then you need to synchronize it back with your Wii console when you want to use it again with your console.
  • The controller needs to be in a close proximity of the console otherwise it won't work at all.
Things to watch out for:

When you are playing a single player game then you need to secure the second remote, that means the second remote must be kept idle and should not be disturbed. This is suggested because the Wii is a motion based game and any movement in the second remote can disturb your game.

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