How to sync iPhone contacts on Windows phone

If it is a new iPhone you have and wish to transfer contacts from your old mobile phone, say for instance, the HTC mobile phone, follow the below steps to transfer your hundreds of contacts within a matter of minutes. There are many methods that enable you to transfer your iPhone contacts on your Windows Phone with ease.

Sync iPhone contacts on Windows phone
Sync iPhone contacts on Windows phone

Using the sync application

Let us assume that you have your contacts in your iPhone that are in sync with iTunes. This implies that you are likely to have the contacts in the Mac Address Book application as well. Now once this has been confirmed, it is time to configure the settings that enable the synchronization of your iPhone with your Windows phone. This is performed by accessing the Address Book, and then enabling the sync with Google option which performs the task. Now, once this has been done, give it the optimum time to transfer the data. In your device, ensure that you set up the Google account as the primary e-mail address in your app and then complete the synchronization process. The same is applicable to a Windows phone as well. Just open the mail account and use the Sync option or select the device where you wish to synchronize the contacts from.

Third party software

Else, there are quite a number of applications that transfer the contacts within a matter of minutes. Such third party applications require various tools such as the ActiveSync from Microsoft, iTunes, and the application that transfers the contacts to Outlook. In this method, the user is required to backup the contacts in the mobile phone to a CTS file and then transfer it to a computer. Next, the CTS file is then transferred to the third party application that acts as the transition manager in transferring your contacts to Outlook. This file is then stored in the csv format to enable easy transfer to Outlook. Once this has been done, the file is then exported to outlook with ease. To sync with the iPhone contacts, enable the application on your iPhone and then click apply followed by the sync option. Your contacts are now transferred to your iPhone.

Creating a sub folder

On the contrary, there might be instances, where you do not want to sync a certain set of contacts from your iPhone to your Windows phone or vice versa. In such an instance, sync is not the only option that you can look for. However, you can create a sub-folder in the main folder of your Windows Contacts and then migrate the present contacts into the desired folder. The next step would be to create single contact (a new one not in the iPhone) and store it in the main folder for contacts. Then, the iTunes can come into the play. Your contacts on the iPhone can then be synchronized with your Windows phone, and ensure that you choose the merge data option when prompted for it.

Once this has been done, it will pull up all the contacts that are in your iPhone folder, however, those contacts that have been transferred to the sub-folder will not be transferred. By doing so, you have achieved of not transferring your specific set of contacts to the Windows phone. Nevertheless, after transferring the contacts back to your iPhone, from the sub folder, ensure that you do not maintain duplicates and delete the contacts from the sub folder.

However, if you prefer maintaining your contacts on your Windows phone and your iPhone just the same, there is no need to create a sub folder and thus, the sync and the merge option can be performed with ease.

Sync Windows Live contacts from Messenger

If you got your contacts stored on the live messenger, then make sure that you check off the box for encrypt contacts from the security options in the menu. This makes the contact list in your messenger available for other devices to access with ease. If your PC is now opened, you will find a folder created in the name of your windows live id that contains a detailed list of the contacts in the messenger. Now, it’s back to the normal routine. Sync your iPhone with the Windows contacts and the reverse if you prefer as well. If you make any changes to your contacts on your iPhone, they are synchronized back to your Windows contacts as well. This implies that the contacts are transferred to the Windows live messenger, online.

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