Support Radio gets Twitter like audio conferencing

Support Radio is an interactive service device that records frustrations and thoughts which can be accessed over at another Support Radio.


Notion behind development

The Blink and support Radio is designed by Joe Malia in collaboration with Daniel Goddemeyer, for the benefit of people and who’ve become victim of their friend’s and partner’s non-involvement and excessive use of the computer - where the individual spends hours and at times days playing games or chatting over social networking sites, neglecting just about everything else.


Area of expertise

The Radio enables people lamenting in similar situation to record their views, thoughts and frustrations to other Support Radios, where people can listen, know and react in an analogous way, as to how they deal and what problems they themselves face with computer maniacs in their vicinity.


If the concept radio can be kicked to work at high speed radio frequency waves, then the Twitter like audio conferencing could surely be a way to move past the virtual world over the internet, and enjoy the retro-styling in a modern dwelling, not only for grieving but for many more issues (you know what I mean).

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