SubSonex DIY jet gears up to fly at over 240 mph

If asked of the 2010’s most awaited thing, I’d very humbly utter, A Flying Car. Far from real but almost there, we could soon have someone parking a rodable flyer in his garage, that’s only if… some company pulls of a real one, and there are many in line. That said, who knows if Sonex Aircraft manage to roll their ambitions on track, your dad may have you a personal single-seat jet parked in the garage as present this Christmas.

subsonex diy jet
subsonex diy jet

Sonex Aircraft has been making airplane kits for the home-built aircraft community since 1998 and their latest venture is the SubSonex, a small, single-seat DIY jet. So, if you are DIYer with a larger than life perspective, then this high performance jet kit that requires some assembly could be worth some time. Powered by a PBS-TJ100 tiny jet engine, capable of emitting 240 pounds of thrust, the SubSonex would set the owner back by $60,000.

SubSonex hasn’t lifted off the ground yet, but post ground tests the makers believe their DIY jet would efficiently cruise at over 240 mph past 2,000 feet. That’s almost a thrill of a lifetime, because we aren’t talking of a Boeing or a fighter jet here.

subsonex diy jet engine
subsonex diy jet engine

subsonex panel 83911 660x440
subsonex panel 83911 660x440

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