Student builds a Guitar Hero-playing humanoid

When I first saw a Guitar Hero playing robot done by two students, Chee Lor and Mike Teigen, I was pretty excited in myself. Now that bar of excitement has reached an all new high, with this mannequin stuffed with robotic abilities, done alright to play the Guitar Hero too.

guitar hero playing robot
guitar hero playing robot

Developed by engineering student Pete Nikrin in conjunction with Minnesota West Technical College, this humanoid dubbed the Roxanne responds to each note as it appears onscreen. The robot is able to read these notes in transitions between light and dark pixels courtesy its left eye which has a camera implanted in that patch.

Roxanne has been made well, but it isn’t a pro yet, for the trials she may have managed 100 percent accuracy at times, averaging 98 percent accurate in the medium mode, but suffered a drop in efficiency to 95 percent on Hard mode and further to 80 percent on Expert mode. We sure now the increased mechanical requirements and finger dexterity that may have been the reason for it, and thus guess Nikrin to fix the issue, when we may actually hope to see Roxanne doing some live shows.

The making in the developer’s own words:

We set-up five Edge tools that ran horizontally across the screen, one for every fret, and positioned the tools to focus on the notes at the bottom of each,” Nikrin said. “The Edge tools sent a constant signal as the five vertical fret lines progressed, and when a bright white dot appeared in the middle of a dark colored circle, the Edge tool allowed the sensor to detect it.

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