Storm Worm Supercomputer - Certainly a 'virus' not a 'worm'

Super computer builds virus: Let's see if it can convince a human to swallow it...Storm Worm Botnet, one of the World's biggest super computers has managed to create a virus. The researchers say the simulation is the first to capture a whole biological organism in such intricate molecular detail.


According to Peter Gutman, there are between one and ten million computers infected with the Storm worm. His calculations are based on combining the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM in the infected PCs. With approximately 1-10 million 2.8GHz P4s and 1-10 Petabytes of RAM the Storm Worm Botnet has access to more computing power than the top 10 supercomputers combined.

Skype has learned that a computer virus called 'w32/Ramex.A' is affecting users of Skype for Windows. Users whose computers are infected with this virus will send a chat message to other Skype users asking them to click on a web link that can infect the computer of the person who receives the message.

Certainly this is not a 'worm' it's a 'virus' as Skype Storm Worm cannot spread without manual user action. If this was to be a worm, all of Skype's 10,000,000 users would have been infected in minutes, doubling or tripling the size of the 'Storm Worm' botnet.

Via: Uberreview

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