SpaCapsule: Unique massage tool with iPod compatibility

SpaCapsule, it's simply incredible. It is a self-contained and full body massage tool blending the aromatherapy and audiovisual technologies in the capsule-shaped relaxation station. The SpaCapsule is also a cool entertaining gadget with built-in audio and video systems for iPod.

ipod compatable spacapsule
ipod compatable spacapsule

Invented and perfected by doctors and physicians, the SpaCapsule gives hailing touch to your painful and stiff joints, muscle tension and muscle pain. It also treats poor blood circulation and makes your body flexible.

The aroma-therapy unit measures 279 cm in length and weighs approximately 357 kg. It features pre-installed light source video programs, touch-screen computer control, closed water system and computer diagnostic and repair system. The audio and video systems are kept in the capsule-shaped relaxation station.

Made from fiberglass, space-age plastics, electronic components, and fabrics, the self contained message tool enables you to find the best method for creative meditation, trance work, restore and revitalize the senses and attain creative visualization.

The SpaCapsule has multilingual supports, built-in accounting and usage modules, and T-Max compatibility. It is available in different colors. The high profile gadget can be used in home, offices and other such places. It can last for several years.

Via: Nexus404

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