Sony introduces video capable Super slim Walkman S750 dressed in aluminum

Sony has delivered a stunner again with the launch of Super slim Walkman S750. All dressed in aluminum, it is only 7.2mm thin. This video MP3 lets you enjoy uninterrupted music for 50 hours, videos for 10 hours and podcasts. Packed with 5 clear audio technologies, its digital noise cancellation cuts background noise up to 98.0% and you also have the EX vertical in-ear headphones to make the best of all the good sound. It comes loaded with Content Transfer software that facilitates the drag and drop transfer from iTunes or Windows® Explorer and while the transfer is done, you will have Windows converting 7 DivX® and AVCHD video files stored on your hard drive to a playable format.

sony super slim walkman s750
sony super slim walkman s750

The X-factor is given to it by its 5.1cm TruBlack LCD, reducing reflections and boosting contrast irrespective of your inside or outside location. You cannot only watch Standard Definition video on connected TV, but also use SensMe technology to create themed channels from you music library, so that you can play a channel of you choice as the mood dictates. In addition to all the goodness, it also has a fun feature called the Language Learning function. It will help you master any tricky phrases. It will loop a chosen passage for listening at reduced playback speed, so that you can take all your time in the world.

Via: Sony

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