SoloTrek team plans a new ducted-fan-powered multi-passenger hybrid car

The team behind the much-appreciated ducted-fan-powered SoloTrek XFV one-man aircraft is planning to develop the world’s first fuel-electric hybrid aircraft. Michael Moshier and Robert Bulaga, two exponents in aircraft engineering and designing are behind the proposed hybrid air car concept for daily commutation purposes. But they are looking for some agencies to fund the project that they claim will be “a history-making” one.

Air Car
Air Car

Millennium Jet Inc., is the company run by Moshier and his team of aircraft engineers that previously developed SoloTrek XFV (Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle). SoloTrek attracted enormous recognition and a number of accolades including the Invention of the Year Award of the Popular Science . DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded the groundbreaking project that worth $5 million.

Mr. Moshier in a statement says that his company is to again depend on the same ducted-fan technology to shape the proposed multi-passenger air car, but if only somebody is there to fund the project. According to Moshier, the new project is meant to hugely help in urban and rural transportation across the world.

In third-world countries, where there is no established infrastructure for transportation, the air car will be a blessing to move from one location to the other, he said. Similarly, in developed countries, people can make use of the multi passenger air car to travel in jam-packed cities. Moreover, the new air car will be a better solution for the purposes like rescue works, police patrolling and many others.

For those who would like to fund the project can contact Moshier, who will send back the PDF document of the hybrid air car project for further details. This is what the chief designer of the concept has to tell about the dream project.

Ever since the Jetsons, we’ve been promised that an air car is just around the corner, but the technologies and knowledge necessary to build such a machine have not been available – until now! And it will be developed here in the USA!

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