Solar powered HQ for Google

It seems sun is shining on Google and the search engine giant is on the roll. After acquiring YouTube and burning hearts of many bidders it has decided to go green. It announced that the Googleplex, newly acquired office of Google will be run partly by solar power. The search engine leader has announced what is being believed to be the largest solar project being undertaken by the US Company.

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This ambitious project will see installing of 9,200 solar panels on the complex and Google hopes that sun will eventually deliver 30 per cent of the power in the 1 million square foot complex.

The project is being handled by Pasadena-based EI solutions and it is estimated that the anticipated savings in power bills will enable Google to recoup the solar projects costs in five to 10 years. Google brought this complex for $319 million early this year.

Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are big supporters of alternative energy and they took up hybrid cars to drive around soon after they hit the market. It is being estimated that the solar energy industry will grow to $ 51 billion in 2015 from the present of $11 billion.

Via: Newsvine

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