Solar-powered DIY SADbot drawing machine uses light to draw

We’ve seen a drawing robot previously, while that was a self-portrait machine which helped you draw your own face, SADbot here is a solar-powered invocative drawing machine from Eyebeam artists Dustyn Roberts and Ben Leduc-Mills. Displayed at the Eyebeam's Window Gallery in Chelsea, the Seasonally Affected Drawing Robot, SADbot for short, is impressing all passersby with its ability on a sunny day, while in the dark it too goes off to sleep.

diy sadbot drawing machine 1
diy sadbot drawing machine 1

diy sadbot drawing machine
diy sadbot drawing machine

Based on an Arduino microcontroller, four photocell sensors, a battery, the robot has two motor controlled cables attached to the pen which move when a person interacts with it. When a person stands in front of the SADbot he covers the photocell sensors of the robot, which makes it move in the other direction. If a person covers the photocell sensors in a sequence the robot can be guided to draw the determined image. But if no photocells are covered, SADbot draws according to its programmed algorithm. Scroll down for the video demonstration.

diy sadbot drawing machine 2
diy sadbot drawing machine 2

Via: Spectrum-IEEE

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