Software engineer Salvator Patuel builds a 737 Cockpit at home

I never thought I would have to write these words, but here you go - Microsoft employee Salvator Alvarez Patuel has adroitly managed to build a 737 commercial jet cockpit right in his very home! Now that is a real hobby for you; but hold your horses, it took him nearly 3 years to come to the present stage.

microsoft employees 737 simulator
microsoft employees 737 simulator

Well according to the grapevine, Patuel has had previous experience as an amateur pilot, and he is also known to be a flying enthusiast. But after marriage his 'wings' got clipped, as his wife was rightly worried about his passion. So finally he decided to take matters into his own hand, and meticulously designed a fastidiously fascinating replica of the exalted Boeing 737 cockpit in his house.

According to him, the whole cockpit ambiance is replicated almost exactly as the real deal, even including the motored throttles and potentiometers. But not everything was smooth sailing, as it was much harder to make many custom parts and wiring them, and it was especially difficult to handle components from new suppliers. Moreover, building cockpits in houses is not very regular hobby that we tend to encounter everyday.

Okay, now here comes the part that will surely tickle every 'Flight Simulator' fan boy's wildest fantasy. This ingenious yet advanced conception was primarily designed for playing Flight Simulator X, the latest in the series of the famous Microsoft Flight Simulator games. And Pateul does play it with grand style, using an i7 processor, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, solid state drives and an nvidia GTX 570 graphic card. All of these paraphernalia is integrated with the cockpit system to unleash that exclusively euphoric experience.

Please do check out the video for the feel of that awesome atmosphere.

Source: Channel9/BusinessInsider

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