China's Shenyang city set to employ a robot receptionist

A new life-like robot is being employed by the administrative examination and approval service center in Shenyang. The robot would provide investors to get their business-related documents. The robot can nod its head, wave its hand, say hi, and communicate with visitors in Chinese. Measuring 1.6 meters tall, this robot isn't anything that comes in a small box.

robots Qpn5i 17266
robots Qpn5i 17266

The robot comes packed full of goodies too. It has six sets of sonar, a microphone, two LED lights, two driving wheels, and a directive wheel. These items allow him to walk freely in a designated area, bypass hurdles automatically, receive remote control signals, and speak with humans. A Li-On battery allows the robot to work constantly for ten hours with only two to three hours of charging.

These robots are an innovation that may lead to some job loss. Sure they don't make up for the human side of things, but they are a lot more efficient. They can work around ten hours consistently and only charge for a couple, whereas we normally work possibly eight or nine and have to charge for about eight hours.

To make the robot seem more life-like, they have added eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, and a mouth. This really does look like something we will encounter when we go to the doctors office someday in the future. You shall see yourself not talking to a human but rather conversing with a robot about your appointment!

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