SensoGlove with built-in computer helps improve on golf skills

This summer, gloves are hot. Not as fashion accessories but as gizmos. Coming hot on the heels of the astonishing Glove Phone, the SensoGlove is yet another glove-based gizmo that claims to improve your life by a whole lot. Created by SensoSolutions, the world’s first computerized golf glove comes with a built-in computer that continually reads the user’s grip pressure and with precious feedback, allows golfers to improve every aspect of their game. Crafted out of patented leather, the SensoGlove's computer is a small, lightweight, sweat-proof monitor that analyzes pressure settings from four tiny, strategically placed sensors sewn right into the glove, that lets users see for themselves which fingers are gripping too tight. The glove even makes real-time recommendations to help golfers find that illusive perfect grip. Retailing for $119, the SensoGlove is a real miracle worker, and can prove to be a real boon if you wanna improve your handicap.

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senseglove WkhjP 54

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