Self-heating baby feeding bottle, a blessing for new parents

From a husband-wife duo of solicitor Farah and engineer Jim Shaikh comes an innovative baby feeding bottle warmer that’ll save all parents a run to the kitchen every time the child cries out for milk. Yommi as they call it won the innovation and research awards for its genius to heat the milk in the feeder to a temperature equal to breast milk only with a touch of a button and in just 60 seconds.

yommi bottle heater
yommi bottle heater

This is made possible with a device that’s a sealed warmer which is placed inside the bottle and beneath the teat. When a button onboard is pushed-on, the unit triggers heating of a solution contained within the warmer, making the milk in the bottle ready to temperature perfect for feeding. The warmer maintains the same temperature for about an hour where after it discharges and can be recharged and sterilized for next use. All new parents can purchase Yoomi bottle and feeder for £22, plus a pack of two teats for £4.50, from John Lewis.

Via: DailyMail

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