Scuba Steve robot teaches sea monsters a few good lessons

Jaws was inspired when beaches across the world were haunted with the terror of sharks. It was then in the '70s, when earth was a better place to live in and hence filmmakers could easily project the adventurous killing of sharks in their reel-life dramas. Today, though sharks and many other ocean predators are on verge of extinction, they continue to terrorize the holidaying tourists in many parts of the world. Scuba Steve robots are 7 feet tall and would act as lifeguards against attacking sharks. They aren't killing machines—they would pull out a tooth or two of the sharkies, causing them to panic and forget about their human prey, thus keeping the man-monster harmony intact. The weird robot is priced at $350.

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scuba steve 4AQYm 5965

Source: 3groupinc

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