Wysips to turn cellphone screens into solar panels to keep phones charged

While mobile phones are something that are being used more and more to stay connected on the go, it can be depressing to run out of battery life, just when you need it the most. It would be great if cell phones could charge themselves, and that is exactly what the France-based company Wysips hopes to market.

wysips i uiory 19111
wysips i uiory 19111

Wysips has landed a breakthrough in technology that helps charge cell phones, by using their display screens. This can be achieved when a thin, transparent photovoltaic film layer is laid on top of a cell phones display. The film captures solar energy, as well as energy from any nearby light source. This technology is still in its prototypic stages, but it sounds very promising and should be launched within a year.

It takes about a total of six hours of outdoor light to completely charge a battery to full its capacity, while indoor light would take longer. While this is yet to come into production, the second-generation technology of Wysips promises to offer thirty minutes of talk time after just an hour of charging the phone.

If this does get into successful production, it would make wired chargers redundant. Wysips says it is already working with mobile display companies and phone manufacturers, to incorporate this technology into handsets and other mobile devices. It is a good thing that the film is ultra thin – less than 100 microns, and the film also does not interfere with the functions of a touch-sensitive smart phone. Plus, it is constantly drawing energy, unless of course the screen is covered. Hopefully, you will soon be able to charge on the go.

Via: Laptopmag

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