ScopeDog - A 4 Metre tall robot sculpture

Kogoro Kurata is a Japanese Ironsmith who likes the darker side of life and a look at his works proves this fact. Mr Kurata is not interested in hammering bridges or building iron drills, but he would rather create gothic chandeliers for restaurants, insect like musical instruments, somber stage sets, etc. The latest addition to his list of freakish, massive iron creations is the 4 meter robot statue, ScopeDog. The ScopeDog was inspired by a robot that appeared in an ‘80s anime series called Votoms. The ScopeDog is four meters tall, and weighs 2 tons. Initially, he had created a plastic model of the robot and was impressed by it’s looks and decided to build the robot in iron. It took one long year and he broke a bone in the process. However, the robot which looks imposing and massive has gained him a lot of attention.

robot statue FVDkk 17340
robot statue FVDkk 17340

Via: Uberreview

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