RocketMelt: Virtual world build right inside a web browser for seamless internet surfing

Folks here I have a web browser that has integrated social-networking, site navigation, sharing and all new that you ever wanted to see in a web browser. RocketMelt web browser build on Chromium (open source project for Google Chrome) is much more than just simply navigating webpages, it is about easy access to everything online that you very often use to share, create and access. Columns on each side of the browser have things like Facebook or email contacts pop-outs that are updated in real-time.

rocketmelt integrated web browser
rocketmelt integrated web browser

The browser has full support for Google Chrome extensions, HTML5 and CSS3 so you can expect a pretty smooth browsing experience with this browser. The only tricky part is that the browser for now comes in a limited beta edition and you’ll have to try your luck at downloading it by clicking here.


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