Robometer: For that endless pursuit of happiness

Here is something that will highlight the little joys that abound in our lives. To do that, this little contraption will sit on your wrist and will actually sense your happiness levels through your skin and let you know about it. Coming to what this contraption really does, it has an accelerator which senses your movement as and when you work or do any other activity. A GSR lead will sit on your fingers and detect your galvanic skin response and judge how tense or how happy you are. Additionally, a voice sensor will detect repetitive phrases as and when you blurt them out. These sensors will work in tandem by Bluetooth technology. All this will result in the Robometer displaying various colours and a voice prompt to remind you about the little things that actually make you happy. Now I don't know how many people will actually like a device telling them to be happy, but I do agree with the fact that the designer has embarked upon a noble cause to highlight the little joys life has in store every single day of our lives.

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8 watch YbXeE 15699

robometer checks happiness yojZ9 5965
robometer checks happiness yojZ9 5965

Via: Dotmancando

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