Remote Controlled StarCraft 2 Lego Siege Tank does all but fire

I’ve been wanting to build a Lego spacecraft of my own someday, but besides collecting things to do it, I’m always caught in the fix on how to build one. As I wait for some engineer from the Lego-loving world to build one that I can stare at in awe, I’ll settle for this remote controlled semi-functional StarCraft 2 siege tank made in Legos that gives a glimpse into the StarCraft universe. Video after the jump.

lego starcraft 2 seige tank
lego starcraft 2 seige tank

Well, the StarCraft 2 siege tank isn’t the most lethal of them to count on, but the powerful terrain vehicle surely provides the terrans with mobile firepower to cast doom on enemies and keep the base safe from approaching ground attackers. Made by YouTube user petzoldhaus - aka Marky Mark, with two linear actuators and four separate motors, this semi-functional StarCraft 2 siege tank is able to move forwards, backwards and spin around corners.

The Lego version is unable to fire, but is almost real-like when entering the siege mode, making all the right sounds when transforming from tank to artillery mode and back to the tank mode. If this is only about badass firepower to you then you’re going to ruin your kid’s happiness for owning this, but if its more galvanizing then jump all over Marky and beg him for one of these.

Via: TeamLiquid / GossipGamers

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