Reminisce the Tale Of Genji with Murasaki Robot

The Land Of Rising Sun, Japan, does take pride in being called the pioneers of technology. Science wasnt their only domain as the famour japanese novel, 'Tale of Genji' is believed to be the first ever-written piece of novel. No wonder the Kyoto University spinoff Robo-Garage has created a robotic replica of Murasaki Shikibu, the tale’s author. She is believed to be a noblewoman and now the rest of the world will witness her presence through a robotic alter-ego beautifully dressed in a kimono of the early eleventh century. That is pretty much typical to the Japanese folklore. NiMH batteries will provide the necessary dose of energy to this lady so that she can gracefully walk on two wheels. A MP3-player is stashed in to empower Murasaki to narrate her story. The makers have used the robot processor (VS-RC003HV) as it ran successfully in their previous creations. The Robo-lady is made from plastic and aluminum and is yet to drop the tag of a Prototype. The Video is after the jump and will give you an additional sneak-peak.

japanese robot 5cYj7 18562
japanese robot 5cYj7 18562

Source: CrunchGear

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