Reboot: HP and Compaq BIOS beep codes error troubleshoot

If you are experiencing a problem where your HP or Compaq Desktop system is stuck at the boot up phase and it won't budge an inch. Obviously, you won't be able to get your head on the problem is and would be needing technical support. But you can at least get more specific about the epicenter of the problem . That’s right, clear up your ears and carefully


listen to the BIOS beeps, which tells about the type and extent of the problem. The beep codes can be heard at the boot up phase and normally one long beep means that everything is well. The following beep codes are specific to HP and Compaq; for beep errors of other major manufacturer's click here.

#1 Memory problem :

If you hear a distinct short beep followed by one long beep then it would be a problem in your main memory or cache memory.

#2 Video card error :

Two short beeps and then a long beep, when repeated 5 times is a error pointing towards non initialization of Video card.

#3 CPU Configuration :

Three short beeps immediately followed by a one long beep means that there is some incompatibility or some CPU settings tweak error.

#4 Flashing failed:

This error creeps up when there is a problem in BIOS clock or Checksum error.

The beep code for the error is, four very-very short beeps in very short interval.

#5 BIOS image load failure:

3 very short beeps means that the BIOS image cannot load itself and there is a missing utility in BIOS.

#6 CD/DVD drive undetectable:

You will have to listen very carefully, cause there is only one short beep if your CD/DVD drive is not detected at the boot up phase.

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