Quick refresh holographic displays could lead to holographic videoconferencing

The birth of the internet and mobile communication allowed people to get in touch with their loved ones in real time, no matter in which part of the world they might be. Researchers over at the University of Arizona are trying to make electronic communication as real as it can get with full color holographic display system.

holographic display university of arizona 1
holographic display university of arizona 1

The technology isn’t new, as the first video holographic display was made by MIT back in 1989. Since then research groups over the world are working on next-gen displays that refresh in real time to add a touch of reality to the entire system. The group at the University of Arizona earlier developed a display that refreshed holograms in four minutes but they have now improved their technology to create a display that can refresh holograms in just two seconds.

holographic display university of arizona 2
holographic display university of arizona 2

The prototype makes use of a material called ATPD/CAAN (polyacrylic tetraphenyldiaminobiphenyl/carbaldehyde aniline) and a bunch of cameras that take 2D pictures of an object at different angles every second. A computer then converts the images into data, which are then fed into a laser recording system that sends the data via an Ethernet link to the hologram location.

For now the hologram measures four by four inches and the refresh rate of two seconds isn’t the best that can be achieved. But considering that the research team reduced the time from four minutes to just two seconds in two years, we won’t be surprised if Star Wars fiction becomes real within a decade.

Via: FastCompany

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