Printable nano-RFID tags will save you time in shopping

Standing in long queues to get those RFID tags cleared of the inventory is really painful and annoying. You’d do anything to jump the line, but now with the introduction of printed RFID tags made in carbon nanotubes by researchers from Rice University (USA) and Sunchon National University (Korea), the entire process will be made as easy and economical as barcodes, and it’ll also save you the disgrace of jumping a queue. The concept here is a transmitter that can be invisibly embedded in the packaging, so you no more have to stand in queues after picking stuff, rather walk past the store’s gates to the car and have the scanner doing all the task from charging you to adjusting the store's inventory. This advantage of printing RFID tags into the packaging is a result of three step process to print one-bit tags, including the antenna, electrodes and dielectric layers, on paper or plastic. There are still hurdles on the way to commercialization, but for us, we think it should make real for our convenience.

nano rfid printable
nano rfid printable

Via: TGDaily

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